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The 404 686: Where Caroline McCarthy debuts Apple Mac OS X Keyboard Cat (podcast)

Caroline McCarthy joins us today to chat about the New York Marathon, Camp Interactive, Apple OS X: Lion, the end of sexting, and The Social Network!

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The big news this morning is Apple's invitation to a Mac OS X event next week that came with an accompanying image of a lion peeking out of the Apple logo to tease the next iteration of the Mac OS X operating system.

We're letting the CNET experts handle the predictions for what the event will unveil, so instead we're taking bets on the feline-inspired nomenclature for the update: Mac OS X: Tiger Woods; Mac OS X: Pussy Cat; and Mac OS X: Liger are being thrown around, but we're guessing Apple might just go with Mac OS X: Lion.

CNET's social-networking reporter Caroline McCarthy comes on the show today to tell us why she literally ran away from our meetup. Caroline will be running the New York Marathon on November 7 to benefit Camp Interactive, a year-round program that introduces inner-city youth to technology through the inspiration of the outdoors. There are only a few weeks left to donate to her team, so head over to the Crowdrise Web site and help out if you can!

Forever Geek

Speaking of protecting children, Apple just filed a patent application for "systems, devices, and methods" that will allow parents to block adult content from text messaging. In other words, no more sexting. The application will take into account the child's age or grade level to determine what words or content should be censored from messages, and the system will even notify the user and administrator when the dirtiness pops up onscreen.

So now that the Facebook movie "The Social Network" has been out in theaters for a few weeks, we can finally talk to Caroline about the validity of its content in relation to screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and Ben Mezrich, author of "The Accidental Billionaires." If you haven't seen the movie yet, this is your warning that this segment features serious spoilers!

Tune in to find out if Mark Zuckerberg is really as much of a jerk as his onscreen counterpart, if Napster co-founder Sean Parker really got busted for cocaine at a Stanford party, and if there's any truth to that scene with the flaming bed. Big thanks to Caroline for joining us on the show, and don't forget to donate what you can to help Camp Interactive!

Episode 686


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