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The 404 666: Where we mark the sign of the beast (podcast)

This evil episode deals with prescription music playlists, Caroline McCarthy's review of "The Social Network" Facebook movie, and tackles a whole lotta hate from the state of Tennesee

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We've made it to episode #666, and there's even a Call From the Public from the Dark one himself congratulating us on making it this far. The truth is that every day we get to do The 404 is a miracle, so thanks to all the listeners who make this show possible!

On this especially evil episode, we're chatting about researchers working to develop prescription music playlists, Caroline McCarthy's first look review of Sorkin's Facebook movie "The Social Network", and a whole lot of backlash from the entire state of Tennessee.

With more and more music discovery sites like Pandora and Apple's Ping network popping up, it seems the next evolution of music classification is coming in the form of prescription music playlists.

The Emotion Classification in Contemporary Music is a three year project led by a team at the Glasgow Caledonian University in the UK, who are the trying to classify music for search and organization according to emotional content. Of course, one of the major hurdles in the research are all the genre-bending artists in addition to your own personal relationship to a piece.

The article uses The Cure as a good example or a emotionally polarizing artist, which leads us to a discussion about what songs invoke certain feelings or memories within our own canon. It's probably easy to guess which of us connects to each of these three songs.

Cherry Bombed

"The Social Network" finally drops in theaters on October 1st, 2010 but CNET's own Caroline McCarthy got to check out an advanced screening and posted her thoughts on her CNET blog, The Social.

She tells us that the movie is more than just a bunch of glorified status updates and poking- it's a story about how a Web site changed the way that friends communicate with each other, or in her words: "the ambiguity of friendship, identity, and social status."

She also runs down quick performance reviews of all the actors in the movie, including a surprisingly positive take on Justin Timberlake's depiction of Napster co-founder Sean Parker.

Be sure to check out the full review for more in-depth analysis, but if you're just looking for a quick take, Caroline awards "The Social Network" four out of five stars...but seriously, read the review.

Episode 666


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