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The 404 664: Where you pick it, we stick it (podcast)

Jeff's back and today we're talking about NHL 2K11, tattoos, New Jersey's latest "quiet commute" cars, Microsoft's Windows 7 funeral procession (boo), and more!

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We're glad to have Jeff back from his brief hiatus last week, although we soon find out that he spent a lot of the time playing NHL 2K11 for the Wii! To celebrate the release of the game, 2K Sports made Jeff's dream a reality and invited a few journalists to play *actual* ice hockey with NHL Pros Travis Zajac and Ryan Kesler.

And in other Jeff-related news, today's show title is in reference to a tattoo he has in the works courtesy of Miss D'Jo of Lark Tattoo, a friend and listener of The 404! We're excited to see what she has in store for Jeff...we're hoping it's a 404 tattoo on his face.

While everyone else spent Saturday, September 11, in mourning and quiet reverence, Microsoft staged a mock funeral parade the day before to celebrate the passing of the BlackBerry and iPhone.

The low blow even featured mock pallbearers, a large iPhone casket, a hearse, and--for some reason--an impromptu group Thriller dance. We hate to even give Microsoft publicity for this poorly timed stunt, but it's worth it to show how far a company will go to get exposure and shut down competitors.

Click thumbnail for full-size Alen Stojanac

And as if Microsoft weren't already in trouble, Xbox Live's stringent censorship rules are under fire again, this time with regard to a person getting banned for listing "Fort Gay, WV" as his location in the player profile section. Microsoft's automated censorship bots believed the name of the city to be an individual trying to degrade the sexuality of other players, but it turns out that Fort Gay is indeed a location in West Virginia. After some complaints, the player contacted the chief of Xbox Live police, and the ban was lifted.

After the break, we're proposing some new transit rules of our own after we hear about the New Jersey Transit express trains testing a plan to silence talking altogether on the first and last trains. Granted, the plan doesn't appoint a hall monitor to seek out rule-breakers, but this doesn't seem like a half-bad idea. Tune in to hear our idea of a public transportation utopia!

We're in desperate need of good call-backs, so leave a voice mail at 1-866-404-CNET and give us a piece of your mind! Also, big thanks to Alen for the BTTF Photoshop job you see up there; great work!

Episode 664


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