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The 404 661: Where the files are in the computer (podcast)

We examine the next-generation Nintendo Wii, the double rainbow dude selling out, and a guy trying to beat Modern Warfare 2 without killing on today's episode of The 404 Podcast!

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The Nintendo Wii is the only console that doesn't support HD gaming (or at least that's what Jeff tells me), but all that could change according to Metroid's co-creator Yoshio Sakamoto, who recently spilled on the next Nintendo system.

In a recent interview with 3D Juegos, Sakamoto gives little detail about the forthcoming console, but assures gamers that the new machine will "leave you all with your mouth open." Jeff and Wilson envision a virtual reality-style helmet with an integrated gyroscope, but it's anyone's guess this early in the game.

Remember the video of the double rainbow guy that flooded our in-boxes and Walls for a solid two weeks? Paul "Bear" Vasquez is the he man behind the camera and plans on squeezing as much Internet exposure out of it as possible, starting with two new video advertisements for Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Essentials.

It's a clever move for Microsoft to use the flash-bang recognition of this kind of viral video to sell software, which begs the question--why isn't The 404 making money on this video with YouTube's profit sharing plan? Thirty-five thousand views and we're still eating ramen noodles with clearance-special spaghetti sauce!

We're running low on voice mails, so give us a call at 1-866-404-CNET (2638) or e-mail the404(at)cnet[dot]com and tell us what's on your mind! It could be a question for a specific host, a comment about an episode or just about the show in general; audience participation is a big part of what we do, so we're anxious to hear from you!

Episode 661


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