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The 404 653: Where we smell a Mo Wood rant (podcast)

Behold: a live Molly Rant! Molly Wood joins The 404 Podcast to chat Gmail voice calling, Digg.com's new layout, and an ironic Twitter post from Gizmodo's Brian Lam that leaves Mo Wood fuming!

Molly Wood is back in New York for a new Web show on CBS called Eye on Parenting, so of course we invite her on the show to chat with us about Gmail voice calling, the new Digg layout, and an ironic Twitter post from Gizmodo's Brian Lam that segues into a live in-person Molly rant!

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Google just announced that it's adding the ability to place real live phone calls and send text messages straight from your Gmail window. Internet calling isn't new by any means, but where you formerly had to arrange a specific time to call, now Gmail will let you dial any phone in the U.S. and Canada for free until the end of the year.

The new service lets you make outgoing calls to any phone number using the microphone and speaker on your host computer, but you can also take calls using your Google Voice number, which gives you access to handy features like transcribing conversations, archiving voice mails, and even screening incoming numbers to keep the creeps at bay. Locals calls are free, and international rates start at 2.1 cents per minute and up.

This is the definition of irony: Brian Lam of Gizmodo, the same blog that put out questionable coverage of the lost iPhone 4 prototype debacle, apparently lost his own iPhone at a restaurant and swiftly had it delivered back to him by a nearby woman.

But instead of publicly thanking the good Samaritan, Lam has the (somethings) to congratulate his own philanthropy and even adds a #karma to the end of the note. I'll leave it at that, but you should definitely watch today's video for Molly's reaction to the blam's brash Tweeting...it's probably a good thing that his account is now privatized.

Episode 653


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