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The 404 652: Where we see you driving around town with the girl I love (podcast)

The 404 guys get down to Cee-lo's soulful single "F_ _ k You," takes a gulp of the antienergy drink Slow Cow, and explore the latest phone trend to hit the NY tech crowd.

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You know you have a hit single when Jeff gets off his antiboogie butt and dances to it; such is the case with Cee-lo Green's latest single from an upcoming album titled "The LadyKiller."

The song title described by the Washington Post as a "two-word, Anglo-Saxon, hortatory phrase whose first word is typically rendered by dashes or a string of nonsense characters from the upper levels of a keyboard," rhymes with "Cluck You" and has already racked up over 2 million YouTube hits since its release earlier this week.

The up-tempo beat is described as a throwback to punchy soul of the 1970s and the lyrics even make techy references to Ataris and Xbox 360s--no wonder we're such fans!

We can't post a link to it for obvious reasons (at least not until the censored "Forget You" version comes through), but we can at least get you started.

Geeks like ourselves are always nerding out on the shiniest accessory, but the newest flavor of the week isn't even a physical product! Young techies are scouring the Web, calling stores, and constantly checking eBay for phone numbers that contain the classic 212 New York area code.

Foursquare co-founders Naveen Selvadurai and Dennis Crowley both "roll 212" and some people it believe grants them a level of street cred as an early tech adopter. In other words, a 212 area gives the appearance of owning a cell phone before they had to assign a new area code.

One New Yorker said, "212 numbers are the new rent-controlled apartments." Of course, phone companies can no longer give out 212 area codes, so the only way you can get one is to poach a 212 number that's recently been given up by another user.

Slow Cow: The antienergy drink Slow Cow Drink

We're all getting really sick of the "3:30 feeling" 5-hour energy commercial that gets played incessantly on Hulu, so it might be the perfect time to try Slow Cow, also dubbed the "antienergy drink." The drink contains natural ingredients that have always been associated with antianxiety and sleep aide--things like valerian root, chamomile, theanine, and more.

It sounds safe enough, but we'll have to confirm that the Sleep Doctor Michael Breus with his professional opinion when he comes back on the show!

We also have a handful of surprisingly sympathetic voice mails in relation to yesterday's movie discussion, and one caller even suggests a weekly "Justin's 10+ year old movie reviews" segment, starting with "Raiders of the Lost Ark" this Friday. I'm on the job and already have it in my Netflix queue, so it better be good! If you have movie suggestions, we'd love to hear them!

Tweet them to us @The404, or you can also leave a voicemail at 1-866-404-CNET or shoot us a message at the404@cnet(dot)com.

Episode 652


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