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The 404 646: Where we have it your way (podcast)

Show topics include 4Food burgers, using whiskey biofuel to power cars, fake homeless at $40k/year, Justin Bieber topping, and the JetBlue guy reality TV show.

4Food: Burgers with social media on the side. 4Food

Would you eat a burger created by The 404 Podcast? CNET social-media expert Caroline McCarthy joins us on today's episode and tell us about the burger joint of the future.

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Rex Sorgatz, one of the founders of Fimoculous and former guest of The 404, consulted on 4Food, a new restaurant that adds a social-media twist to the burger by letting customers save their unique burger creations in the 4food system; a profit-sharing system even gives the creator 25 cents of in-store credit for every custom burger sold! Since Caroline knows practically everyone in Web 2.0, expect to see Rex back on The 404 soon. In the meantime, feel free to tell us what YOU'D like to see on our custom 404 burger!

Keeping on the topic of strange food inventions, researchers at the University of Edinburgh found a way to power a full-size automobile using only whiskey by-products. Don't worry, whiskey fiends: no alcohol was harmed in the experiment, since the biofuel comes from a combination of pot ale and grains left over from whiskey production, although Caroline tells us that the formula was derived from a process formerly used to manufacture explosives during the World Wars. To its credit, the whiskey fuel is actually 25 percent more efficient than its ethanol counterpart, although that statistic won't help you in the least if you get pulled over for driving what is essentially a giant open alcohol container.

Steven Slater, aka Jet Blue guy, will go down in history as the most famous quitter of all time, so we're not surprised to hear that he might get his own reality television show. According to the most credible Web site on the Internet, Slater currently has an offer on the table from Stone Entertainment (the brains behind quality programs such as "The Mole," "Top Design," and "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style") to host a new show where he'll help other disgruntled employees find creative ways to quit their jobs.

You Got Bieber'd! The 404 Podcast/CNET

Sounds great, although Slater's two felony charges for first-degree reckless endangerment and criminal mischief might slap a seven-year delay on the show...unless the first candidate is a prison warden.

Speaking of jail, everyone's favorite tween pop icon Justin Bieber is in hot water himself after vengefully posting a fan's phone number on Twitter. Click that link if you're really interested in the back story, but the real reason we bring him up in the show is because Wilson recently became a victim of a new kind of prank we call Bieber Topping. Stick around after the break to hear how you can join the fun.

Episode 646


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