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The 404 645: Where no one will buy this (podcast)

Show topics include "Star Wars" coming to Blu-ray; Google Voice Search for Android; better movies than "Star Wars"; Angry Birds; iPhone; Green Day; AFI; and more!

"Star Wars" on Blu-ray coming in 2011! Le Journal du Geek
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During this year's Celebration V fan convention, director George Lucas announced that all six of the original "Star Wars" films will be released on Blu-ray in 2011 as a box set. The films and the much-criticized prequels were previously released as DVD box sets, but this is the first time fans of the series can see them in HD.

The Blu-rays will also include new documentaries, special features, and behind-the-scenes moments that both Jedis and Imperialists can appreciate. Lucas also announced the inclusion of a lost scene from "Return of the Jedi" that shows Darth Vader calling out to Luke as he builds the green lightsaber you see in the film. Good news, though: if you can't wait a year for the box set to come out, the clip is also available on YouTube--with George's approval, of course!

Custom 404 Podcast X-Wing helmet, c/o Props Guy Jim! Props Guy Jim

Good news for Android users: Last week Google re-released the app formerly known as Voice Search for its mobile operating system. The app is called Voice Search, and it lets you dictate text message, write e-mails, map directions, play music, and make phone calls--all without ever touching the phone. It's free, so we can't pick it apart too much, but once the initial "cool factor" wears off, we're not sure we'd ever use voice commands outside of a car. More importantly, when the heck is Angry Birds finally coming out for Android?

In line with today's Star Wars theme, check out these custom 404 Podcast squadron helmets made exclusively for our show by Props Guy Jim! Dedicated fans of the show will remember Jim's work with the Yu-Be-Gone Bug Spray, The 404 temporary tattoos, and, of course, The 404/Mattel hoverboard from "Back to the Future"!

Click through for more pics of the X-Wing helmet after the jump! Thanks Jim!

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