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The 404 643: Where we stick an Android in our PSP (podcast )

Show topics include PSP powered by Android, women attracted to red, a Facebook music video, and special guest Ruby Liza drops by with lemon bars!

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We rarely invite guests to join us on the show, but anyone who listens to The 404 Podcast knows that we're suckers for sweet treats, especially the homemade kind hand-delivered by a cute girl!

Ruby Liza, a dedicated 404 listener and aspiring librarian, joins us on today's episode and brings us a box of lemon bars to munch on while we discuss the war between books and e-book readers, a Sony Ericsson PSP powered by Android 3.0, a study that shows women are attracted to men wearing red, and a French rapper who turns Facebook into a real-life music video.

Google released Android 2.0 less than a year ago, but rumors are already floating around about what the next version, code-named Gingerbread, will bring to the world of Google-powered devices. The folks over at Engadget report insider information about a new Sony Ericsson device that could redefine gaming on the mobile platform.

In fact, it claims a "trusted source" says the company is developing a brand new ecosystem and hardware that will run on Android 3.0, with a new section of the Android Market dedicated to its games. The black and silver phone is supersexy indeed, with a large WVGA display and a landscape sliding design in place of a keyboard. We'll come back to it when there's more to report.

404 listener Ruby drops by the studio! CNET/The 404

A study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology shows that women are more attracted to a man wearing the color red. Apparently the cherry color draws women because of its capability to make men appear more powerful and likely to succeed, and that ambition to climb the social ladder and become the "alpha male" triggers a biological reaction in women that makes them "act like animals."

To quantify the red effect, researchers interviewed hundreds of participants to determine trends, but we're wondering if women like red only because it's more distinguishable than the rest of the colors. Also, is it a bad sign that none of us even owns any all-red clothing?

Instead of showing you the awful French music video that Wilson dug up, we'd like to thank our buddy Todd for sending us pictures of his 404-powered motorcycle! His Honda CBR600RR is all decked out in 404 stickers to match his race number! Check out his bike cam video from last year, and be sure to click through the page break to see pics! Thanks again, Todd- ride safe!

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