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The 404 641: Where we use 12 cores to run MS Paint (podcast)

On today's episode, hosts Jeff Bakalar, Wilson G. Tang, and Justin Yu discuss Apple slowly turning into SkyNet, learn about Sharpie's newest liquid pencil, and discover a new online dating site for virgins!

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Single virgins looking for love now have their own niche dating Web site called YouAndMeArePure.

Awkward URL aside, the Web site hopes to be an accessible way for virgins to meet and date other virgins. Like all dating Web sites, there's obviously no way to prove that subscribers ($30 per year) are who they say, although the site does sell bona fide male and female "V-Cards" meant to be given away as a sign of commitment to another holder. Also, there's no rule that states you have to be a virgin by choice, so Wilson might still have a chance.

And if you're abstaining from sex entirely, the creators of YouAndMeArePure also own YouandIAbstain, a similar dating service where abstaining participants can meet up and find true love worth holding out for.

Total Film

Apple is officially one step closer to fully becoming SkyNet. The company just reached an agreement with Liquidmetal Technologies to license its amorphous metal alloys, presumably for the next generation of casing design.

According to Liquidmetal's product page, the alloy in question exhibits extraordinary properties that yield high strength in a light weight, high corrosion resistance, high wear-resistance, and unique acoustical properties. It's anyone's guess what Apple has up its wizard sleeves, but we're hoping it'll use the material to reinforce the dent-prone iPad.

I'm tempted to write about Sharpie's newest liquid pencil that writes like a pen but erases like a pencil, but the more important news is Net neutrality, and Wilson distills all the craziness into a simple five-minute explanation: Net neutrality isn't about keeping political speech neutral online or stopping the government from taking over the Internet.

Net neutrality is about making sure ISPs don't block or slow down Web sites that don't pay access fees for tiered service plans. Verizon and Google just released their proposal that would allow Google to deliver services more quickly at the cost of higher service charges for the end user. Check out CNET News for more detailed analysis of the deal.

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Episode 641


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