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The 404 623: Where honey is our Gatorade (podcast)

On today's episode of The 404 Podcast, hosts Jeff Bakalar, Wilson G. Tang, and Justin Yu discover the dangers of 3DTV, warn listeners of the impending smartphone shortage, and geek out over Photoshop paintbrushes.

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It's time for another Natali Del Conte Thursday episode of The 404 Podcast, but we're keeping the complaints to a minimum in deference to our guest co-host today; that is, after Wilson tells us about a 3D movie that tickled his gag reflex. Yes, we learn that Wilson officially honked after watching only three minutes of "African Adventure: Safari in Okavango" in 3D. He shares this experience with children and teenagers who might also be more susceptible to epileptic seizures and migraines as a result of watching 3D TV.

While we're on the topic of first-world problems, we should also warn you of the smartphone shortages already in effect. Maggie Reardon, a CNET News reporter and frequent guest on The 404, reports that your plans to buy a new smartphone this summer could be put on hold due to a severe smartphone drought brought upon by consumers' voracious appetite for handsets like the HTC Evo 4G, HTC Droid Incredible, and of course Apple iPhone 4.

Market research firm Gartner reports a 48.7 percent increase from last year's first-quarter sales figures. Subsidized devices and tiered pricing plans have made smartphones cheaper and easier to obtain than ever, but definitely expect at least a month delay on the aforementioned phones this summer.


Of course, if you stood in line in the scorching heat to get an iPhone 4 only to be hit with antenna issues, you might be wishing you'd waited until after this Friday's announcement. In an unprecedented move, Apple invited several journalists to a special press conference in Cupertino, Calif., to discuss the iPhone 4.

As usual, Apple is keeping the announcement a secret until 10 a.m. PDT, but Wilson predicts it might announce an exchange program, or give away free cases or even a $30 gift card that you can put toward that $799 27-inch iMac. It might even be a combination of those gifts, but we'll definitely be around tomorrow to comment on the announcement.

Keep the theme song submissions coming, and thanks to anyone who's sent one in. So far they're all great, but we're looking for something that sounds undeniably similar to our original (although not original at all) pick. Yours could be the one! Send all songs for consideration to the404(at)cnet(dot)com.



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