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The 404 613: Where we're now offering paid 404 Plus Plus for $49.99 a month (podcast)

On today's episode of The 404 Podcast, hosts Jeff Bakalar, Wilson G. Tang, and Justin Yu discuss Hulu Plus and Hulu Plus App,parental earnings from the David at the Dentist YouTube video, and a guy playing XBox 360 at a local Starbucks!

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The 404 Podcast will never charge for premium content because the words "premium" and "The 404" have never occurred in the same sentence before, and besides, we're no Hulu, who just announced Hulu Plus, a premium subscription service that offers all-you-can-eat helpings of your favorite primetime shows from ABC, NBC, Fox, and other cable channels for $9.99 a month. In addition, Hulu Plus will also stream full back catalogs of shows like Glee and Saturday Night Live.

The company also announced a Hulu Plus app that works with the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, so now you can stream full episodes over 3G for the same $10 subscription fee. As always, here's the catch: you have to sit through two ads per every half hour show as you would on the standard Hulu service.

While PlayStation 3 owners will be able to get Hulu Plus on their console of choice in July, it will also require a $50/yr PlayStation Plus membership as well--now theyre looking at $170 total for the year. Check out yesterday's episode of preGame for more details.

David After Dentist is one of our favorite virval videos of all time, and with over 62 million views and growing at 100,0000 hits a day, it's definitely one of the most profitable as well. An article in Business Insider reports that the family has made around $150,000 as a result, $100k of which comes from YouTube's profit sharing program. The family has plans to stop making money off David's loopy video, either. They recently signed a deal for a "David" line of medical scrubs that will join several t-shirts and other merch available on the official David After Dentist Web site.

Before we end the show, we have to take a minute to make fun of this guy. A Reddit reader apparently snapped a shot of this dude playing his very unportable XBox 360 on a 13" VCR/TV combo at a local Starbucks, which might actually be Microsoft's fault for not releasing their own portable handset like the PSP or the Nintendo DS. For once, Jeff isn't hating on the guy, but rather "making fun." You tell us the difference.



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