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The 404 602: Where I tried to preorder the iPhone 4 and all I got was this stupid Mac Mini (podcast)

Preordering for the Apple iPhone 4 started this morning, and users are already reporting serious issues with AT&T's servers.

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Preordering for the Apple iPhone 4 started this morning, and users are already reporting serious issues with AT&T's servers. The speed bump appears to happen when account is verified through AT&T, although we've also heard of bottlenecks popping up intermittently throughout the process.

If you're experiencing issues, a viable workaround is to stop clicking refresh and head out to a Best Buy or RadioShack store, especially since Gizmodo is already reporting security issues with AT&T's ordering system. Finally, Wilson predicts that the iPhone 4 will be freely available at the Apple store for walk-ins on the June 24 release date, but we all know how his predictions usually end.

While everyone else was freaking out over the iPhone 4 preorder bungle, Apple quietly announced a new Mac Mini this morning that includes several hardware updates, including an SD card slot, faster Core 2 Duo processors, and a removable base plate for memory upgrades. Most importantly, you also get an HDMI port so you won't have to purchase converter cables to hook the mini up to your HDTV. Check out the slideshow for more hands-on shots of the refresh.

It's been awhile since we've talked about Chatroulette on the show, but a disturbing new feature has the controversial video chat service back in the news. Turns out Andrey Ternovskiy, the 17-year-old founder, has declared an all-out war on uninvited nudity on the site. Well, actually just that of the masculine variety. To combat this, Chatroulette will soon roll out new software that can scan your partner's video feed to determine if a phallus is being shown on the screen and censor it accordingly.

This is all news to us, since up until today we always considered the nudity a draw for the site--now we have to actually have to be serious about it? You don't have to be Wilson G. Tang to predict that a clean Chatroulette is a dead Chatroulette.

Finally, starting July 1, Starbucks will offer free Wi-Fi in every location across the country in an effort to steal customers back from McDonalds, which has been offering free Internet for the past six months. Previously, the coffee shop offered only two hours of free Web service a day, so expect to see even more overcaffeinated weirdos lurking around your local Starbucks.

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