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The 404 596: Where the new iPhone is old news (podcast)

After months of speculation, Apple's World Wide Developers Conference is finally here, and everyone except Jeff is eager to see what Steve Jobs will unveil at the show.

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After months of speculation, Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is finally here, and everyone except Jeff is eager to see what Steve Jobs will unveil at the show. You can follow all the coverage on our CNET live blog, and don't forget about CNET's WWDC 2010 Bingo Card!

We won't spend too much time speculating, since we practically know everything about the new iPhone anyway, so let's put that off until tomorrow and discuss the other big news of the day: Facebook merch.

At last week's D8 conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg became so visibly uncomfortable under the bright lights that he removed his hoodie revealing a "secret Facebook logo" on the inside.

SF Weekly reconstructed the image, and although it does look pretty cool, CNET's own Caroline McCarthy makes the point that news reporters might be blowing this story out of proportion. Even worse, an eBay auction for an XL hoodie ("the same exact one worn by Mark Zuckerberg at the D8 Conference") appeared over the weekend and it's already up to $4,050 with five days left to bid.

The Facebook Hoodie logo Audrey Fukuman/SF Weekly

Social media has grown so popular that the AP Stylebook just released a new set of social-media guidelines that might change the way we write about tech. In addition to formatting certain phrases like "Web site" to "website," some of the more interesting changes include the addition of acronyms like ROFL, BRB, G2G, and POS.

If you're unfamiliar with the last terms, you'll be surprised to know that the "S" doesn't stand for a four-letter word. In fact, POS means "Parents Over Shoulder," an abbreviation kids use in IMs to warn of a parent in the room. Check out the full list of social-media AP guidelines here.

Finally, all three of us are giddy about a new GoldenEye game in the works. This November, Activision will release James Bond: GoldenEye for the Nintendo Wii and DS platforms, although everyone's still a little hazy on the details. The bar is set pretty high since we all grew up on the game, and we're hoping that they'll bring back proximity mines and similar power weapons in the sequel.



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