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The 404 584: Where we make the cut (podcast)

If you weren't hungry before listening to today's episode of CNET's The 404 Podcast, you definitely will be afterward.

"I thought Jeff as the the human torch was appropriate seeing how he gets a sunburn on a cloudy day. Justin as Mr Fantastic because hes tall and lanky. Not because hes Fantastic. Wilson as the Thing. Need I say more. Natali as the Invisible Woman because shes a woman." Danno G/The 404

If you weren't hungry before listening to today's episode of CNET's The 404 Podcast, you definitely will be afterward. And lucky for us, there are approximately 7,291 McDonalds locations in Manhattan for us to indulge our cravings for grease. We're also considering moving our uncomfortably hot recording studio to the McDonalds around the corner, mostly because they're about to get a lot more comfortable.

Over the next year, most of its locations will transform into the fast food chain of the future with new "linger zones" that feature Wi-Fi connectivity, comfortable armchairs, and barstool areas with plasma TVs. Wait, that sounds cool for suburbia, but what about McDonalds in places like New York that are practically a clubhouse for pushy panhandlers and midday sleepyheads?

While we're on the subject of food that can kill you, Oscar Mayer is celebrating Father's Day this year with a Facebook contest that offers a one year supply of bacon and $5000 to the best Dad in the world. We can only dream about what 365 days worth of bacon looks like, and all you have to do to enter is "like" Oscar Mayer on Facebook and submit 50 words or less explaining why your Dad is the best and thus deserves death by swine.

This is the card that Clark Harris gives to people to explain his silent treatment Clark Harris

Speaking of Fathers (these transitions write themselves), a man in Georgia has pledged to communicate only through social networks throughout the month of May to raise awareness and money for Leukemia and the Lymphoma Society. Set up on Twitter as @SilentClark, Clark Harris isn't allowed to talk, text, e-mail, text message, or even sign language; instead, he can only use social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr to gab to his wife and kids, who are understandably a little peeved by their silent Father right now.

According to Harris, the most challenging hurdle is what he calls the Delay Factor, referring to the amount of time wasted while waiting for his iPhone apps to load and convey his message to the world. You can show your support for Harris by following @SilentClark on Twitter, contributing $5 to the cause, or simply clicking the "Like" button on the Silence Cancer Page on Facebook.

King-sized thanks goes out to Canada from Harry, Danno, and Syracuse from Dan for showing us what Wilson will look like as an old man, transforming The 404 into a team of superheroes, and putting a reggae spin on our bumper music! We've known it all along, but today's show proves that we really do have the most talented fans in the world!

If you're feeling creative, we'd love to see your work! Send it to the404(at)cnet{dot}com or just leave us a voice-mail at 1-866-404-CNET!



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