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The 404 555: Where we're sweating in our jeans (podcast)

Another Natali Del Conte Thursday is upon us and as usual, her timing is perfect because all this week we've been talking about parenting!

A 404 sticker hiding in the bushes in front of Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. Thanks Derrick! Derrick Chen/The404

Another Natali Del Conte Thursday is upon us, and, as usual, her timing is perfect because all this week we've been talking about parenting! So far, we've only talked about how frustrating it can be to teach parents how to use technology; however, today's episode exposes all the creative ways we got into trouble as children. It turns out, Justin record isn't exactly "clean," and Natali has something of an evil twin...

It all starts with a story in the news about a 16-year-old in Arkansas suing his mother for stalking him on Facebook. According to the KATV article, the mother, Denise New, read a few comments on her son's Facebook page about his reckless driving and decided to "hack" into his Facebook account, change his password, and read his messages.

While parents are certainly within their rights to monitor their children's Internet usage, it sparks a larger conversation about parental responsibility and the minimum age suggestion for allowing children on social networks. We'd love to hear parents chime in with a comment about how you check up on your special little guy or girl. Keyloggers? Password hacks? Over-the-shoulder reading? Let us know!

One of The 404's recurring themes is our fierce hatred and disgust over men's feet, and more specifically, men wearing flip-flops. However, we've decided that the only time the visual is acceptable is if you're using an exposed foot to control Liu Yi's Toe Mouse (or if you're preparing this entree).

Yanko Design shows off new "Flip Flop Mouse" Yanko Design/Liu Yi

It's only a concept for now, but Yi's toe-operated mouse is specifically designed for users with physical disabilities that limit the use of the upper body. The mouse is ergonomic, so it fits just like a normal sandal--between the big and second toes--but don't expect to see a CNET video review anytime soon...for your sake, trust me.

Finally, we have a full spread of calls (and e-mails) From the Public with your comments about tech-inept parents, listening to the show in class, hot sauce gifts, and more! Add your input to The 404 Podcast by leaving a voice mail at 1-866-404-CNET or send us an e-mail to the404(at)cnet(dot)com. Stay cool!



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