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The 404 535: Where we're raising money for (podcast)

Natali Del Conte is back from a quick trip to Europe and will be on the show every Thursday to get down with the nerdy dirty.

Thanks to Steve and Props Guy Jim for bringing stickers to the movie prop exhibit @ the Orlando History Museum! Jim Sleeth

Natali Del Conte is back from a quick trip to Europe and will be on the show every Thursday to get down with the nerdy dirty. We're hoping that she'll also help us raise $1,000,000 for a bid on The domain has a rich history of ownership and even spurned a book based on its popularity. The site originally belonged to Gary Kremen, founder of, then changed hands for 14 million dollars to a company called Escom, and is up for auction next month as part of a foreclosure deal. We each have our own ideas about what we would do with it, but we can all get into the idea of broadcasting the Official Podcast. If nothing else, the SEO would work much better than The 404.

Rock Band 3 has already been confirmed for the 2010 holiday season, but fans of the franchise can get their Gaga on next week singing the pop star's hit singles "Bad Romance," "Just Dance," "Monster," and "Poker Face." Being the unabashed Lady Gaga fan that I am, I'm obviously ecstatic, but since I don't personally own a gaming console, the best solution would be for YOU to buy it, send me a Twitter message with your address, and I'll be there within the hour. See you soon!

Sony Playstation Move

While we're on my favorite topic of conversation, Sony deserves a mention for unveiling its new PS3 motion controller called Move at this year's Game Developers Conference. Phallic though it may appear, the light on top of the handheld device apparently serves a purpose, although you'll have to listen to Jeff's explanation to get the full story, because I'm still scratching my head. Sony hopes that the move will gain popularity among both casual and hardcore gamers, with games that let players simulate sword fights, bows and arrows, guns, and more. You can purchase a Move starter kit this fall that includes the controller, a PlayStation eye camera, and a game all for less than $100. More details to follow!

A very special thanks to 404 listener Bernard in Ottawa for sending us one of the best voice mails we've ever played on Calls From the Public. He calls in reference to Monday's discussion about "Legend of the Guardians," aka Owl Movie, and his delivery has Jeff in tears. It's so good, in fact, that we posted it online for you to hear, so check it out!



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