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The 404 448: Where we somehow fit Family of the Year in our studio

Family of the Year performs a live acoustic set for The 404 podcast

They said it couldn't be done, but we managed to fit an entire Family in our 12 foot by 12 foot studio; and besides, The 404 Podcast has never been that great at following orders. Today's episode welcomes Vanessa, Joe, Sebastian, James, Christina, and Brent from the band Family of the Year, who submit themselves to a chat about their new EP Where's the Sun, new music marketing 2.0, Bogie Ogretrons, which band member has the longest legs, and what it's like to share a shower with six other people in a tiny RV touring across the country.

The band also brought a couple guitars and a shaker for a good old-fashioned in-studio performance! They play two songs on today's show, including "No Good for Nothing" (download live recording) and a track called "Stupid Land" (download live recording) off their forthcoming LP. You can also preview all of their songs on their MySpace, but if you like what you hear you can support by the band by downloading the tracks (sliding scale donation) or by purchasing a physical album that features custom artwork. Being the mixed-media artists that they are, Family of the Year is also currently offering custom-made postcards that they'll send you from the road! From the band's description of their humble RV, it sounds like every little bit helps!

The band is also impressively tech-savvy and offers several ways for fans to interact with them; in addition to their mailing list on the Web site and MySpace page, you can also follow them on Twitter or fan them on Facebook. They're currently in town promoting the new EP and playing a series of shows for the CMJ Music Festival, so be sure to go and show your support!



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