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The 404 422: Where Rana Sobhany is the frosting on The 404 cupcake

Rana Sobhany from Medialets comes on today's show to celebrate her birthday! Join us for cupcakes and the smallest rave ever to be broadcasted on the Internet.

Thanks, Josh! Joshua Chu

Who cares about Apple's little iPod refresh yesterday--it's Rana Sobhany's birthday!! We were already excited to have Rana on the show today, but we had no idea that she'd be bringing treats. Turns out that Ms. Sobhany has been indulging her foodie side recently and baked us CUPCAKES to celebrate! Since we always strive to be perfect gentlemen on the show, we don't pry too much into how many birthdays she's celebrated so far, so I think it's safe to assume that Rana has spent a cool 19 years on this Earth.

We all get a little nervous when Rana quiets us down for some real talk, and lo and behold, she calls me out big time on my Valentine's Day fumble. Be sure to watch the video show to see how I make it up to her on the air.

Click the thumbnail for a larger picture. Wilson G. Tang

On the second half of the show, Rana shows us a really cool iPhone app called Sonifi. Created by electro artist BT, the sensory application lets users physically manipulate the artist's work, essentially performing a live remix! Rana demos the app for us and soon the studio transforms into a big birthday rave.

Also, a big thanks goes out to Joshua Chu for Photoshopping us into a scene from "Futurama!" We can't believe you don't do this for a living, Josh. I think our favorite little Easter egg is the Apple logo on Wilson's case. Great work, dude!

Leave us a voice mail at 1-866-404-CNET or e-mail the404(at)cnet(dot)com and let us know what you think of the show! Also, be sure to wish Rana a very happy birthday!



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