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The 404 204: Where we want to know what love is

Tardy Justin gets detention and the boys recap Friday's 200th episode meetup. Michael Cera stars in the worst movie ever as a nebbish high schooler who doesn't know how to talk to girls.

Justin was late, again, and the boys recap Friday's 200th episode meet up. You'll never get ahead in life if you're always tardy Mr. Yu! Graciously, The 404's worst student offers a scathing recap of Michael Cera's performance in the worst movie ever. He, surprisingly, portrays a nebbish teenager who doesn't know how to talk to girls, yet scores with them anyway. We also gear up for new Apple laptops, send SMS messages to elephants, and prepare for Larry Flynt's latest.

Psst...check out the photos from our 200th episode celebration last Friday! A bunch of our buddies came out to Gstaad Bar to party with us, so big thanks to YOU if you came. If you didn't, we'll be having more 404 meet ups in the near future, we might even be breaking out of NY, who knows?! Anyway, check out our Flickr set for photos from the night. Mike, you owe me two drinks! -Justin

Dan the Mantern here. Sooo, it's official, Larry Flynt has confirmed the rumors that an adult film chronicling Sarah Palin's life is in the works. In it, pornstar Lisa Ann, as Palin, "will be nailing the Russians who come knocking on her backdoor." One thing's for sure, Justin is superexcited. He's not sure whether to laugh, cry, or lock himself in a dark room with a box of tissues. Like the Wall Street bailout plan, the film has been fast tracked, it will be pushed through before the elections. Swing voters, you might want to wait for this little doozy before making a decision. I'm sure that at least 10 seconds of the film will include some factual information about the veep candidate!


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