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The 404 174: Where we reject labels

It's a sad day when David Duchovny checks into rehab for his addiction to lovemaking. We wish the X-Files star well on the road to recovery. We also wish the worst for Brett Ratner's desire to make a 'Guitar Hero' movie.

Fridays at The 404 are awesome, especially before a holiday weekend and especially when Justin gets his panties in a bundle over the term "hipster." With news like Brett Ratner's dream to make a Guitar Hero movie, the world's greatest hacker releasing an autobiography, and even more heartwarming "Calls from the public," how could you not love Fridays?

So it's official: David Duchovny has officially admitted his powerlessness over his addiction to lovemaking and has checked into rehab. Sounds like his next project with Gillian Anderson could be the SeX-Files. Isn't every man addicted to sex? I want to know how they treat a sex addiction. Shock Therapy? A secluded mountain rehab center filled with nymphomaniacs sounds like a recipe for disaster. Also on the show, Senator McCain, riding the wave from Daddy Yankee's endorsement, chooses Sarah Palin as his VP. Aside from looking like alternative vocalist Lisa Loeb and channeling Stifler's mom, we're not quite sure why Alaska's governor made the ticket. Maybe we can ask Morgan Spurlock's twin brother?


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