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On the show today: Erica Ogg from CNET's Crave takes time out of her NY vacation to chat with us about the Olympics, hockey, Chinese smile deficiencies, and more.

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On the show today: Erica Ogg from CNET's Crave takes time out of her NY vacation to chat with us about the Olympics, hockey, Chinese smile deficiencies, Facebook spam, Barack Obama's twitters, Antivirus XP, and Batman spoilers!>

Even though the Montauk Monster has thrown New York into a typhoon, our buddy Erica Ogg still makes it to the studio to join us for today's show. And what a great change of pace from our normal Monday show, huh? This is just what The 404 needs to brighten up our day. Erica writes for Crave, CNET's blog and an awesome resource for all the latest gadgets and gizmos. Check it out! Also, a quick explanation of the show title, since we forget to do so on the show. Erica's last name, Ogg, is of Scottish origin, and it actually means "young" in Gaelic. Get it?

Jeff kicks off the show with a quick story about his brother's computer that contracted the Antivirus XP 2008 virus, a pesky little bug that disguises itself to actually look like virus scanning software! You can get the malicious software by clicking on ads and pop-ups on your computer, so make sure you don't click anything that looks sketchy!

Which brings us to our next complaint: what's with all the Facebook spam? Just this morning, I got a comment from a co-worker urging me to click on a link that would reveal my "secret crush." Isn't this the reason why I left MySpace? Caroline McCarthy said in her editorial on The Social that Facebook is aware of the problem and is working hard to rid their site of viruses and Spammers. Hopefully this doesn't become a trend, although I've already received two of the same pseudo-comments. Get on it, Facebook, or I'm going to switch back to Only Undies Club.

We also get into a quick review of the opening ceremony to the Olympics, and Jeff vocalizes his growing fear of Chinese people. Wilson and I, of course, defend our Chinese brothers and insist that the Olympics are a good look for our people! I mean come on, do you have any idea how much organization that opening ceremony required? They're harmless, Jeff, nothing to worry about. Anyway, I think a watchful eye needs to be placed on the guards, not the performers. Apparently the International Olympics Committee is urging the Chinese police to smile more because of several complaints that "The Chinese are scaring the wits out of foreigners."

OK, it's true that the guy looks pretty scary, but the police aren't part of the international welcoming committee- they're set up to keep the peace and protect the well-being of the general population, so let them do their jobs! My proposition? I think this whole problem could be solved by getting some Revlon red lipstick and painting a Joker-esque smile on each of their faces. That way, they wouldn't actually have to smile and tourists wouldn't get frightened! Everyone wins! Whyyy soooo seriouuusssss?

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