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The 404 1,192: Where we bring back the BMT (podcast)

So what if Subway's footlong sandwiches don't measure up to a foot? We have bigger problems to worry about, like bringing the Italian BMT back to the $5 footlong menu. Tackling the big issues on today's 404 show.


Before we take on the Subway issue, we start today's show welcoming Ariel back from the dead. He spent the last week in bed, proving our theory once again that CES is bad for your health and should be treated accordingly.

On to the news. Google's security team just released a new research paper where GP Eric Grosse unveiled his vision of our future in terms of Web security.

Phishing attacks, malware, and poor password choices are making it hard to keep private data in the cloud, but Grosse proposed a new method called the Yubikey USB card that automatically logs you into your Google account when you plug it in. If you're thinking that sounds like a step back, check out what Google has to say.

A couple months ago, I found an Android app on the Google Play store that raised an eyebrow. "Make Me Asian" is a derivative of image-altering apps like FatBooth, but this one puts a rice paddy hat on the subject and alters his or her eyes to fit the Asian stereotype.

I'm kind of curious to know what it would do to Jeff's tiny sockets, but it's too late to try it, because Google took it down today after online activist group 18 Million Rising called on Twitter celebrities and #makemeracist to raise awareness.

Moving on, let's get to the real news today. Earlier this week, an Australian man named Matt Corby got upset with Subway (the restaurant) after his footlong sandwich only measured 11 inches.

Corby took aim and posted a photo to Subway's Facebook page, leading others to do the same in solidarity. Subway's official response?

"SUBWAY FOOTLONG" is a registered trademark as a descriptive name for the sub sold in Subway Restaurants and not intended to be a measurement of length..."

Regardless of how lame that comment is, the bigger question is why did Subway take the Italian BMT off the $5 footlong list back in 2009?

With its triple-threat meat deal, the BMT (Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest) was clearly the best value at the restaurant, and The 404 would appreciate your support in following our official Twitter handle @BringbacktheBMT to petition its return.

Bathroom break video: Chinese girl does Ringu impression to avoid parking toll.

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