The 404 1,139: Where we nap our way to the top (podcast)

Ty Pendlebury joins us to wrap up the week, starting with an introduction to the most unique export out of Australia. We'll also show Jeff how to throw up the rock at tonight's Jay-Z concert, chat about Neil Young's new high-resolution music service, and discuss the many online faces of Generation Y, aka gurning.

Drew Lazor

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Neil Young introduces his own Pono audio system, could rival Apple.

- Stop showing me your stupid Internet face.

- Top face pullers gurning for the UK title.

- Life-sized pictures of Google Street View screenshots printed and wheatpasted IRL.

- Nerdy art uses computer messages to poke fun.

- If you have time tomorrow, check out Field Trip Day for Android users across the country.

- Connect with Ty Pendlebury on Twitter.

Bathroom break video: People acting irrationally to a telephone.

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Episode 1,139

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