The 404 1,092: Where we wake up screaming (podcast)

Dr. Michael Breus is back in the studio with The 404 to answer all our questions about sleep!

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The Gear4 Renew Sleep Clock, recommended by Dr. Breus Gear4

The Sleep Doctor Michael Breus is back in the studio to solve all our snooze-related questions, and he also brings us a new toy! He's showing off the Renew SleepClock by Gear4, a sleep management tool that knows when you're sleeping and takes careful measurements to record your sleep patterns.

It also works as a tailored alarm clock that wakes you up at the lightest moment in your sleep cycle, so you'll arise super refreshed. Dr. Breus also gave us one to give away on a future show, so be sure to tune in to find out how to win.

As usual, the Doctor also answers questions from our listeners. Today he'll respond to inquiries about the correlation between memory and sleep, and whether or not we can learn things like languages and facts just by sleeping.

With the London summer Olympics upon us, Dr. Breus also explains the palpable link between levels of daytime sleepiness and a player's overall success in baseball and football -- according to his article in the Huffington Post, athletes that adhere to a sensible sleep regiment at night are more likely to have longer careers and stay with the teams that originally drafted them. The opposite is also true for those that experience sleep deprivation during the day.

We're always learning new things when Dr. Breus swings by the studio, and one listener wrote in to tell us about his own experience:

"Thanks to your previous advice on this show, my dad got tested for sleep apnea, and the doctor told him he had one of the worst cases he had ever seen. He now uses a special sleep mask/machine and it's made a huge difference, thanks!"

See? Contrary to popular belief, you CAN learn something by listening to our show. Big thanks to Dr. Breus for joining us today!

For more sleep advice, check out Dr. Breus' Web site.

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Episode 1,092


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