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The 404 1,054: Where we're gonna need to see some ID (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 show: Disney Touche project turns any object into a button, emo-haired youth more likely to develop lazy eyes, and 25 bars in San Francisco will soon employ ID customers using facial recognition technology.

This Friday, 25 bars and restaurants around the San Francisco Bay Area will adopt Scenetap, a social analytics app that uses facial recognition technology to gather real-time data on customer relations and crowd sizes. Don't worry, the cameras only analyze facial features to determine approximate age and gender of clients entering the bars, and the restaurants swear that they won't upload videos of patrons stumbling out and doing whatever people do outside of bars at 4 a.m.

Today we'll also tell you about a new project from Disney called Touche that can turn anything into a button using a single electrical wire and a wireless connection back to a controller. This new device is still in testing, but soon you'll be able to effortlessly automate all the functions in your house, from doorknobs to couch cushions and even underwater. This is not the same thing as the The Clapper.

Finally, we're warning all our young listeners about their long-banged hairstyles -- according to optometrist Andrew Hogan, young chaps with "emo" hair are at a higher risk of developing Amblyopia, commonly known as a "lazy eye." It's all blamed on the long, sweeping bangs that have a tendency to obstruct view in one eye that can lead to stunted visual developments, so either cut your hair or harness the power of the head-shake-bang-straightener.

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