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The 404 1,052: Where we meet the million dollar man (podcast)

Today we're talking with millionaire Chris "Milly Gilly" Gilmore, the proud champion of last night's Major League Baseball 2K12 competition.

Reddit user: Vettit

2K Sports held its annual "Perfect Game Challenge" last night with a million dollar prize, and today we'll chat with the winner of the MLB2K12 tournament, Mr. Chris Gilmore.

Twenty-year-old Gilmore bested Charles Bates 10-1 in the tournament final that pitted him against eight other highly ranked players. We'll obviously ask him what he plans to do with the bounty, but we also want to know about his history with competitive video games, his preparation process in the weeks leading up to the event, and how it felt to breathe the same air as Kate Upton.

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Click here for the full interview and the rest of today's show.

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Episode 1,052

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