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The 404 1,039: Where we start back at one (podcast)

Leaked from today's episode: Bridget Carey previews her new show CNET Update, dissecting the 1991 "Super Mario Bros." movie, and a collection of the most outdated technology you can still buy today.

Of all the terrible video game movie adaptations, the 1991 version of "Super Mario Bros." got the most critical reaction.

Its story is chronicled in a new book called "Generation Xbox: How video games invaded Hollywood," so we'll spend some time today dissecting all the negative reviews and discover how it became a cult favorite.

Bridget Carey joins us for the first half with a backstage pass to her new show, CNET Update!

It rounds up all the top tech stories of the day and keeps a close eye on product updates, emerging trends, and new apps, so be sure to follow CNET Update on Twitter and share your feedback at Congratulations Bridget!

After the break, we'll run through the top 10 most outdated gadgets you can still buy to this day. The list is incomplete, though -- my suggestion? Those VHS tape rewinders shaped like sports cars.

Got one of your own? Send us a video voice mail to the404(at)cnet(dot)com and let us know!

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