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The 404 1,037: Where Wayne Brady gives the Internet a swirly (podcast)

Wayne Brady drops by the studio and takes a stand against Internet haters, in all their forms: Twitter, Xbox Live, and Facebook. He'll also give us his take on violence in video games, preview his upcoming improv show on ABC, and reveal details about his smartphone app in the works, tentatively called "Is Wayne Brady Gonna Have to Choke a _______"

Sarah Tew/CNET

Wayne Brady makes his second appearance on The 404 today to expand on some of the gaming topics we covered back at CES in Vegas, but first he has a few words for his Twitter trolls.

He's daring all of them to show up to his improvisational comedy show at the Gotham Comedy Club here in NY. He's putting on three shows running today through Sunday and would love to face his critics in person, so check it out!

Wayne mentioned that he's always been into video games, so he'll update us on what he's playing these days and touch on why he thinks society tends to use gaming as scapegoat for youth violence.

Finally, Wayne is announcing two very special projects exclusively on The 404: one is a new improv show coming this summer to ABC called "Trust Us With Your Life," and the other is an upcoming smartphone app that gets personal with his classic skit on Chappelle's Show: it's called "Is Wayne Brady Gonna Have to Choke a _______!

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Episode 1,037


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