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The 404 1,036: Where they should make a movie out of that (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode: Nike unveils new RSVP system on Twitter for limited edition sneakers, Jeff goes off on "Big Brother" black boxes in cars, and a new segment we're calling "IT'S THE SMELL!"


Nike is introducing a new RSVP system on Twitter to handle the release of its limited edition sneakers, and we think Microsoft and Sony should adopt a similar model for their new consoles so fools like Jeff won't have to camp out in the cold.

Here's how it works: Nike will send out a Tweet at random on release day that includes a specific hashtag that prospective buyers will then have to copy into a Direct Message back to the company, along with the last four digits of any government-issued ID and shoe size. Stores will then contact buyers on a first come, first serve basis and arrange for local pick up, and confirmed recipients must present their ID to redeem the sneakers. Make sense? Death to lines!

It's just me and Jeff on today's show, but Richard will chime in as well when we discuss some of our favorite TV shows on the air right now in a segment about Netflix releasing a new season of "Arrested Development." We read today that the streaming site will also make all ten episodes in the new season available at the same time, so we might all collectively skip a week of 404 episodes when they drop next year.

Lastly, Richard and I let Jeff go off for a couple minutes on people that complain about a lack of privacy in their cars--these are the same people that willingly giving up far more personal information online to sites like Google and Facebook, so what difference is one black box going to make? Check out today's show and let us know what you think!

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