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The 404 1,034: Where Jeff takes an ice nap (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode: Ikea furniture integrates an HDTV, 2.0Pac holographics, Eau de Chinese Foxconn Factory, and Jeff takes a spill on the ice.


Jeff took a spill on the ice during a hockey game yesterday, but he manages to limp his way into the studio to help us out with today's rundown. We wouldn't be The 404 if we didn't cover the 2Pac holographic concert at Coachella last weekend, and even though it's technically just a clever optical illusion, we're excited about the upcoming 2.0Pac tour and the potential of resurrecting our own favorite performers from history.

Meanwhile, Ikea furniture designers in Sweden have come up with a new way to vertically integrate their furniture with another crucial piece of your living room: the television set.

It's called Uppleva, and it combines an LED flat panel television set with built in speakers, a wireless supwoofer, a baked-in Internet connection, and a combination CD/DVD/Blu-ray player into a console that includes a shelf to house your other electronics. No word yet on how much assembly will be required, but at least its name sounds cooler than this.

Finally, we'll tell you about an upcoming art exhibition in Australia that will feature a scent that encompasses the smell of a MacBook Pro unboxing: everything from the printed ink on the cardboard, the plastic components, and the aluminum used to build the Macbook body itself will be represented in the fragrance we hope will be called "Eau de Chinese Foxconn Factory."

Bathroom break video: Eye drop swag.

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Episode 1,034


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