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The 404 1,033: Where we break records with Katie Linendoll (podcast)

Katie Linendoll drops by for her second appearance, and this time we're talking about women in tech, breaking the high-five world record, Kickstarter as a viable start for your invention, and geek fashion.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Katie Linendoll returns to the show with big news! She recently entered the Guinness World Records book for slapping the most high fives in a single minute, leaving a certain clown in her dust. Check it out on "All Access Weekly," Katie's new show on Spike TV.

Katie always brings engaging talking points to the show (not to mention the best gifts), and today she has an opinion about the lack of women in the tech scene. She offers suggestions on how the U.S. education system can start a grassroots movement to expose young people to career options in the field, and we'll also explore why working women are underrepresented in tech media.

We'll also chat about the success of Kickstarter and whether or not the business model is an effective way to see an idea through to production. Lastly, Katie will give us a glimpse into her everyday carry and how to truly earn your geek cred.

You can watch Katie on "All Access Weekly" every Thursday at 12/11c on SpikeTV, follow her on Twitter and on her blog.

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Episode 1,033


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