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The 404 1,031: Where it's cheaper if you get our e-book (podcast)

CNET laptop editor Scott Stein joins us for a chat about the current state of the e-book price wars, an iPhone-friendly watch netting half a million dollars on Kickstarter.com, and we all question whether or not Hollywood has lost its way.


CNET laptop editor Scott Stein returns to The 404 guest seat, and the room is apparently full of onions today as we discuss this short film about a 9-year-old's homebrew cardboard arcade. If you look closely at Jeff's face during this segment, you may even catch a rare glimpse of his upturned frown.

We'll also introduce you to a highly funded Kickstarter campaign for an iPhone and Android-compatible smart watch that goes the opposite direction of traditional e-watches and uses a digital ink display (similar to the original Amazon Kindle) that lets users check messages, play music, and more without the threat of sun glare or unreadable reflections.

We'll also explore an article on CNET today about the outcome of an e-book price war between the five major book publishers and Amazon.com, who they claim are undercutting the industry at 45 percent off the cover price, effectively doubling its price break.

CNET's Nathan Bransford argues that most of the costs associated with printing a physical book come from expenses that digital authors also face; things like author advances, cover design, marketing, and publicity costs. Read the rest of the article for more of Nathan's insights in the world of e-book publishing.

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