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The 404 1,022: Where we get all of our news on the toilet (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode: "Fake" geek girls, YouTube replies to Reply Girls, Google tablet on the horizon, The Shorty Awards, Foxconn makes amends with workers, and the end of Best Buy?


It's always fun to have a first timer on the show with us, and today we welcome Chenda Ngak, technology and lifestyle blogger. She's a big videogamer and proud geek, so she's the perfect guest to help us talk about the recent backlash against "fake" geek girls.

Speaking of girls, we don't have them on the show very often so it's great to finally get a female perspective on the Reply Girls phenomenon.

If you haven't heard about them before, Reply Girls are a group of a dozen women dressed in low cut tops that post video replies to trending YouTube videos, exploiting their sexuality to earn money via YouTube's revenue-sharing program. While certainly a symbiotic relationship between Reply Girl and the weirdos clicking on them, we'll discuss the real victims in the scam and how YouTube is putting an end to it.

After a quick break, we'll spend some time mourning the impending end of Best Buy, which may be the next big-box retailer to close down permanently. Finally, we'll track this year's Shorty Awards and update you on the state of Foxconn workers in China.

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Episode 1,022

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