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The 404 1,018: Where we get all our ducks in a row (podcast)

Leaked from today's episode of The 404: James Cameron goes for a swim, Windows Phone Challenge cheats, sleeping in class, and walking face first into the Apple Store.


Apple products are mostly used by younger generations, but the company should still recognize the dangers of "high-tech modern architecture." Such is the plea of 83-year-old Evelyn Paswall, a New Yorker taking Apple to court for $1 million after walking face first into the glass door entrance to the Long Island Apple store.

Does her case hold water, and should Apple continue to use ugly white tape to let people know glass is a real thing? We'll talk about this story and more on today's episode of The 404.

Leaked from 404 Podcast 1,018:

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Episode 1,018

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