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The 404 1,012: Where we bring our Ella, Ella (podcast)

Leaked from today's rundown: our guest is Ella Morton, former editor at CNET currently working on a book with Atlas Obscura. We'll discuss her visit to Sesame Street, RecordSetter.com, burlesque, and more!

The 404/CNET

There's so much to talk about with our guest today, Ella Morton. She's a former editor from CNET Australia, so we'll talk to her about her appearances on Planet CNET, a book she co-wrote with the founders of RecordSetter.com, and her visit to Sesame Street with RocketBoom.

Ella is currently working on a guide book to the world's hidden wonders with the team from Atlas Obscura, so she'll also tell us a few of her favorite stories from her research. We'll finish out the show with a chat about Ella's other love: burlesque!

With so much to talk about, we'll definitely have Ella back on the show, but in the meantime be sure to follow her on Twitter and check out her own podcast, Ellipsis.

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Episode 1,012


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