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That's no moon! It's a Death Star beach ball

You don't need to be Darth Vader to have fun with your own Death Star. This inflatable "Star Wars" space station from ThinkGeek lights up and is impervious to destruction from Rebels -- unless they have a sharp object.

Look at the size of that thing! ThinkGeek

Sith Lords and Rebel scum like to have fun at the beach. After all, Darth Vader's home planet Tatooine is nothing but sand. Sure it's a desert where droids get lost and Krayt dragons go to die, but as long as you bring a beach ball, you can still have a blast.

But if you want to show off your love for "Star Wars" while at the beach, now you can bring your own inflatable Death Star to show everyone who's in charge.

This Imperial beach ball, which measures 14 inches in diameter, is even more fun at beach bonfires because it lights up thanks to impact-activated LED lights giving it a cool Death Star disco ball effect.

The ball is cheaper to power than the real Death Star since it runs on non-replaceable button cell batteries.

This officially licensed Death Star retails from ThinkGeek for $10 (about £6.36, AU$12.44) and ships deflated. You'll have to use an air pump or your own hot air to inflate it. ThinkGeek will also include a repair patch incase you run into a pesky spear-wielding Ewok.