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Thanks, Japan, for bottling the scent of a cat's forehead

If you like to huff cat heads and you live in or are willing to ship from Japan, then you're in luck with a special fabric spray that smells like a feline brow line.

Sniffing a cat's forehead
If you have Felissimo's fabric spray, then you don't need an actual cat to sniff.

What does a cat's forehead smell like? I sniffed the spot between the ears and just above the eyes on my two CNET test cats, Delia and Archer. I tried to approach the experiment like a wine connoisseur. I breathed deeply. I considered the results. Archer smelled like...nothing. And Delia? Vaguely like chicken cat food.

My disappointing efforts aside, Japanese company Felissimo has claimed to have bottled the scent of a cat's forehead. According to RocketNews24, the product name Moho Mohu Odeko no Kaori Fabric Water translates as "Fluffy Forehead Fragrance Fabric Water." It comes in a small spray bottle for spritzing onto pillows or other cloth-clad items so you can enjoy the smell of a cat at any time.

The sketchy Google translation of the product page refers to a "freshly baked bread aroma." It wraps up with this descriptive sentence: "Once buried my face is sprayed with the zing to the futon and cushions, please ended up full blast Suha Ano aroma of fascination." I would like to order a whole case, please.

The ingredient list seems to include a pretty standard selection of water, ethanol, citric acid and perfume, but Felissimo isn't confessing how that perfume was made. Presumably, the company doesn't have a test facility somewhere full of a thousand cats getting their foreheads swabbed.

Unfortunately, the feline forehead spray only ships to Japan, so you would need to pay out for a special shipping service if you're desperate for worldwide delivery. I won't make any judgement calls as to whether or not this would be worth it.

Let's say you order this product and use it at home. You might want to exercise some prudence when raving about it to your friends. "I just love cat spray!" doesn't sound right at all.

Cat forehead spray

Spritz a fake cat with a cat-forehead spray.