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Thanks for crushing our hoverboard dreams, Lexus (Tomorrow Daily 198)

Khail and Ashley get heartbroken by a hoverboard marketing stunt from Lexus, find hope in a multicompany partnership to build hoverbikes and show you furniture that grows algae for you to eat.

We can't believe how hard we took it when we found out the Lexus hoverboard video was a simple stunt, and wasn't capable of floating just above normal ground. Sure, it's still a hoverboard, but it has the same constraints as Hendo's model we saw late last year. We're grumpy about it! We don't think we'll ever see a real, working hoverboard, but that's OK, because we're thinking up alternate methods of futuristic transport that could become reality.

We're also discussing futuristic modes of transportation that might actually work on regular soil, like the hoverbikes the US military hopes to obtain via a couple of partnerships with companies testing the technology. They've moved beyond the design phase and are into prototypes and testing, so we're keeping a close eye on any new developments.

Lastly, we're chatting about a wild idea that's currently on display at a Philadelphia art museum. Harnessing the power of heat waste, carbon dioxide and light, a large glass bulb full of tiny bacteria would slowly grow edible blue-green algae for human consumption. It's apparently very nutritious, but Ashley still can't get past the idea that it's Soylent Green in disguise. Khail's all in, though.

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198: Thanks for crushing our hoverboard dreams, Lexus

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