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'Textspresso' machine prints texts on your coffee foam

Yeah, it's a marketing ploy. But it is kinda fun (and it probably took some doing to get the robotic coffeemaker running).

"Still on your break, eh?" reads the text.
Screenshot by Edward Moyer/CNET

A tech company creates a robotic espresso machine that can be controlled by text messages and print bits of those messages on espresso foam. All in the name of duping gadget bloggers and others into spreading the company's name far and wide.

The blogosphere-manipulating company is called Zipwhip. And as you'll see in the video below, it has a product it would like everyone to know about. And, as we think we've mentioned, it also has a robotic espresso machine that can be controlled by text messages etcetera.

Now, this machine is not something that's on the market. Apparently it's a one-off created expressly for Zipwhip's offices (though Zipwhip has posted some info about it for those who might like to create their own).

We think our own rather hyperactive imaginations are glad this thing can't easily be had. Because, as much as we'd like to maneuver our main squeeze into a hip coffee bar and pop the question via surprise text message on the foam of a double cappuccino, we can see a version of this technological, um, advance working quite another way.

Things being what they are, we can see this machine taking the break out of coffee break. We can imagine stepping away from our laptops with a sigh of relief, lovingly taking cup in hand, and slowly raising it toward our lips in anticipation of a soul-soothing slug of aromatic brew. Only to be greeted by a text from the boss.

"Figure out a way to dupe the blogosphere yet?" it might say.

Um, we're working on it. Sheesh.