Texting woman falls off cliff

A woman is busily texting and tries to discard a cigarette butt in Kodiak, Alaska. There is a nearby cliff. The story does not end well.

It seems that Kodiak does have one or two cliffs.
tyashfklyasf12/YouTube Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Technology has, sadly, forced us into new forms of behavior.

Many of these involve the simultaneous performance of two very different acts. This is sometimes known as multi-tasking. This is sometimes over-taxing.

Indeed, Maria Pestrikoff of Kodiak, Alaska, discovered the difficulties of attempting two unrelated acts and rather failed in the attempt.

According to the Associated Press, her twin maneuver consisted of trying to toss a cigarette butt while texting.

I suggest you don't try this at home -- or, for that matter, anywhere. However, Pestrikoff was trying it in her own home. In her garden, in fact.

Her garden abuts a cliff that features a 60-foot drop. In attempting to multitask, Pestrikoff seems to have lost her balance and her bearings, slipped on wet grass and plummeted over the cliff.

She ended up mere feet from the tide and suffered multiple injuries. She is now recovering and was fortunate that a friend heard her screams.

Pestrikoff is not the first -- nor will she be the last -- to text her way into trouble.

It was only in March that Bonnie Miller was merrily texting away when she fell in Lake Michigan.

And who could forget the lady last year who fell into a Pennsylvania mall fountain?

The truth is that technology owns us. It mesmerizes us like a naked woman browsing the jackets in the men's casualwear department at Macy's.

We are weak. And sometimes we get hurt.