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Text a taco to friends with new app

Until there's an emoji taco, there's Taco Text iPhone app. Pick four different images to let your friends know it's taco time.

Any text is better with a taco! XOXCO, Inc.

Those of us who rely on food emoji symbols to accurately show what we're eating and what we want for dinner know all too well that tacos seem to be missing from the lineup. Now every text you send can be enhanced with Mexican food thanks to Taco Text app from XOXCO, Inc.

Pick from four different taco images: Breakfast Taco, Fish Taco, Everyday Taco and the yet-to-be-seen Mystery Taco.

The reviews for no-frills Text a Taco show both hilarious pros and serious cons from users.

"Ever since humans started scratching messages into cave walls they have wanted to communicate 'taco' to others," iTunes reviewer pbausch wrote. "Over the years we have tried in vain to realize this dream only to fail time and again. It's what makes us human. But now, thanks to Taco Text, it is our time to transcend our earthly shackles and grasp the crunchy, delicious dream our ancestors. A++ would text infinity taco again."

Of course, more savvy taco-lovers don't necessarily need an app to send their friends a pixilated image of a taco. "This app lets you send one of four (ugly) images as an instant message or other social media message," iTunes reviewer Lance E Sloan posted. "Despite its name, there's no text involved here at all. It just sends PNG images."

If you want emoji-style images of tacos, you'll need an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Tacos are now available for Android users too.