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Texas students fight new campus gun law with sex toys

Technically Incorrect: At the University of Texas, some students decided that gadgets of pleasure were the way to protest a new state law that allows guns in classrooms. The campaign has quite some name.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

He's surely a keeper. screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

To those who live outside the US, America's love affair with guns borders on the bizarre.

To those who live inside the US, living without so-called personal protection may be equally bizarre.

In Texas, August 1 saw the enactment of a new law that lets any student over 21 carry a gun on campus, as long as the weapon is concealed and the student has a license.

To my European-born mind, the idea of putting guns into the hands of the immature, excitable and perhaps alcohol-addled borders on madness.

Imagine a professor who gives a student an F and is confronted by an irate individual who might be packing a pistol.

It seems not everyone in Texas is in favor of the idea.

On Wednesday, some students organized an imaginative protest by asking their fellow students to make love not war.

The campaign name is a touch imaginative: Cocks Not Glocks. As the campaign's website explains, this is all about "Open (Dildo) Carry."

The tagline is "Fighting Absurdity With Absurdity." Might it also be, in quite an artistic thrust, a way of confronting America's tight embrace of guns and tightly wound skittishness toward sex?

In fact, though it's legal to carry a gun in Texas, carrying a dildo is a Class A misdemeanor.

The Guardian reports that local sex shops donated around 5,000 dildos to the cause.

And, yes, someone did apparently create a poster that read: "Cock and load." Oh, and there was another that read: "You're packing heat? I'm packing meat."

A University of Texas spokesman offered me this statement: "The university recognizes that many people may find protestors' actions offensive. The First Amendment, however, protects expression no matter how offensive the content. UT Austin students are free to express themselves peacefully on all issues. The planned protests around campus carry appear to be examples of protected political speech."

Naturally, there is a group called Students for Concealed Carry. Its website insists that "self-defense is a human right." Its response to Cocks Not Glocks was, however, surprisingly freedom loving.

In a press release, the group's director for the state of Texas, Brian Bensimon, said: "If carrying a phallus to class helps you express yourself, go for it. We welcome this demonstration that freedom of speech and concealed carry of handguns can coexist on the same campus."

The group's support did include a slightly cockamamy kink.

"SCC does recommend, however, that students use their dildos for political or recreational purposes only," it said. "Using a dildo as a defensive weapon could classify it as a 'club,' which, under Texas law, is illegal to carry in public and constitutes a felony if carried into a building on campus."

Sometimes, I just want to scratch my head for hours at a time.

Update, 3:52 p.m.: Adds comment from the University of Texas.