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Testing the Blue Raven iPod battery kit

Donald Bell replaces an old iPod battery with one from Blue Raven.

Photo of Blue Raven battery replacement kit and second-generation iPod
The patient before surgery.

iPod battery replacement kits are nothing new. Manufacturers like Sonnet Technologies have offered reasonably priced do-it-yourself battery replacement kits for the past few years. What distinguishes the latest line of Blue Raven iPod batteries from previous efforts is a boast of 30 to 50 percent better battery life over the factory original (depending on your iPod model). The Blue Raven batteries are also much more attractively packaged than other replacements I've seen, which seems silly to mention, but I think packaging can have a huge effect on how intimidating a DIY project appears. Kits are available for around $30 for iPod generations 1 through 5, plus the iPod Mini.

We've already shot an Insider Secrets video for a first-generation iPod battery replacement and a Weekend Project video on replacing the battery for an iPod mini. Still, I felt compelled to break open my friend's failing second-generation iPod and put the Blue Raven battery to the test. So I shot this time-lapse video using the camera on my Macbook just to see how quickly I could change the battery (five minutes!). Hopefully, this will make the project seem less intimidating for someone. All it took was a little elbow grease to get that case open.

Using the theme from Benny Hill might have landed me in trouble, so I whipped up some high-speed drum and bass in Ableton Live instead.