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Terror and panic abound in teaser for 'Fear the Walking Dead'

Watch a man escape from an unseen horror in this teaser for AMC's upcoming "Fear the Walking Dead," a spinoff of its hit zombie series "The Walking Dead."

While we don't know much about what's going to happen in AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead," a spinoff of their popular zombie show "The Walking Dead" that takes viewers back to the beginning of the zombie outbreak in Los Angeles, we do know there will be plenty of running from the undead horde.

AMC released a new teaser for "Fear the Walking Dead" to the company's YouTube channel on Friday, giving us a brief, zombie-less glimpse at the upcoming show. In the clip, we see one of the main characters -- Nick (played by "Harry Potter" alum Frank Dillane) -- as he mounts his escape from what we assume is a horde of the undead. While we don't actually see the zombies in question, we get a sense of the pure fear and horror Nick is experiencing as he sprints half-dressed down the street.

"Fear the Walking Dead" is scheduled to premiere on AMC in the US this August. No release dates have been officially announced in the UK and Australia, though it's expected the series will land in those countries eventually as well.