Ten years of iPods: A look back in photos

Apple's iconic iPod has been around a full decade, but it definitely hasn't always looked the same: a photo retrospective.

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Scott Stein

On October 23, a full 10 years will have transpired since the very first iPod was announced in 2001.

The original iPod earned mixed reactions after its debut, but it rapidly gained ground to steal popularity from other MP3 players. Some only saw the iPod as a me-too device, while others, such as CNET's Eliot Van Buskirk, foresaw it as the precursor to a new future of handheld computing. Ten years later, the iPod brand covers a whole family of products, each its own designs and functions. Click below for a look back at the iPod's biggest moments and its evolutionary transformations, some more successful than others.

Ten years of the iPod (photos)

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Do you have a favorite iPod? I dug a 2006 Nano out of a drawer recently and realized it's a favorite of mine. The battery still works, too. Which ones did you own? Which do you still have around? Sound off below.