'Tekno,' the pony-bot we never had

For every deprived childhood.


The imagination of Isaac Asimov notwithstanding, there are countless robots roaming the Earth simply to entertain us, whether by land, sea or air. And when we tire of their efforts, others are ready to cook for us and even do the dishes.

But face it, we've all really wanted just one thing ever since we were kids: a pony. That's why this year we're writing to Santa for "Tekno the Robotic Pony," a mechanical friend that moves in every direction by remote control but, more important, responds to being "walked, fed, brushed and played with just like a real pony," according to Gizmodiva. Even more impressive--if not a little weird--it comes with a "Tekno Translator" that "helps you find out exactly what Tekno Pony is thinking."