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Teen spots alleged robbers on Google Street View

A teen alleges he is robbed. Six months later he sees what he believes is evidence of the two men who robbed him on Google Street View. Dutch police arrest two men after seeing the unblurred pictures.

The world weaves odd, strangely patterned webs.

Last September, a 14-year-old boy told police in Groningen, Holland, that he had been knocked off his bike and robbed of some money and his cell phone.

What evidence did he have of his alleged assailants? Very little.

Six months later, the Associated Press reports, he was pootling around on Google Street View when he saw an image of himself--and of two males behind him, who, he seemed to remember, were just in the place where he was allegedly robbed.

Here's the evidence, blurred. Google Maps

So he called the police again.

Paul Heidanus, a spokesman for the Groningen police, told the AP that the police had to make a formal request to Google in order to obtain the unblurred photo from Street View.

"The photo could provide an important contribution to solving a crime," he said.

The police subsequently arrested twin brothers, one of whom was allegedly recognized by Groningen's robbery squad.

But here's what I would love to know: what was the 14-year-old alleged victim doing on Google Street View six months after the alleged event? Why pick that moment to return to the scene of the alleged crime?

And, secondly, what was the kind and sensitive Street View driver doing at the time of the alleged incident? Did the driver really just miss it?