Teen shot dead after using app to track lost cell phone

Technically Incorrect: A Canadian teen leaves his phone in a cab. He tracks it down to three men in a car. They allegedly refused to give him the phone back. He is then shot dead.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Jeremy Cook, dead from gunshot wounds. London Police.

It all started with a Canadian teen who left his cell phone in a taxi.

In an attempt to retrieve the phone, Jeremy Cook, 18, used an app to track its location.

As CBC News reports, the teen and a relative went Sunday to a London, Ontario, strip mall revealed by the app as the location of the phone. There they allegedly found three men in a car.

Police say Cook confronted the men and tried to hang on to the driver's side door as the car sped away. Police are still trying to piece together all of the details, but what is clear is that Cook died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Both the phone and the car have been found, but the three men are still at large. Police say that the three men and Cook had not previously known each other.

I have contacted the London police for more information and will update, should I hear.

Local police have made clear to CBC and other media that they aren't against phone-tracking apps. However, if you do trace your phone and suspect there might be trouble, you should call the police first.

"The app is not what makes the scenario dangerous," Constable Ken Steeves told CTV News. "It is the human beings or the people you interact with."

Just as you have to be careful when meeting people who might be selling phones on Craigslist, you have to gauge the situation if you choose to trace your lost or stolen phone.

If there's the remotest potential of danger, call the police.

As Cook's friend Kasia Szymanski told CTV: "And over what, a phone?"