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Teen sends prank dead body text to police officer

A teen thinks it will be funny to send a text saying she's hidden a body to a completely random number. The number happens to belong to a police detective. The teen says she got the idea from Pinterest.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Aw, kids.

Sometimes they struggle to keep themselves occupied. Those little brains of theirs are so active. Those not yet fully-formed emotional avenues of theirs are not quite fully paved.

So they like to play pranks. Like, for example, sending random texts to people saying they've hidden a dead body.

One 15-year-old girl in Northern Arkansas tried this little jape and the random number happened to belong to someone whose sense of humor was occupationally impaired.

For this person happened to be a police detective.

The Associated Press arrested this tale and said that the girl, from Rogers, Ark., had texted: "I hid the what?"

You might wonder what caused her to anoint the digital world with such words. Well, she reportedly got the idea from something she saw on Pinterest.

Imperfect Parent reported that the Pinterest post read: "When I'm bored, I send a text to a random number saying 'I hid the body... now what?'"

I had no idea Pinterest could be quite so uplifting. I had no idea that if you go on Pinterest you can find suitable subject matter for random dead body texts. Perhaps Pinterest should make an ad campaign out of this--something along the lines of "We'll make your dead day come alive."

In this instance, the police seem to have started an investigation, so were more than mildly annoyed. But they let the girl off with a stiff talking to.

Such is the random nature of life. One minute you're a normal police detective. Then you get a lead to what might be an exciting murder. Finally, you discover it's just some kid larking around.

Serendipity can be so mean.